Dan Sharp

Probability in Python

Recently a friend sent me this probability problem. “Which is more likely? A) You roll two dice 5 times and, every time, one of the two comes up as 1 and the other as 6. B) You roll 10 dice all at once. 5 come up as 1s and the other 5 come up as […]

Building the CosmicWatch muon detector.

In 2017 I read this article in Physics Today. It describes how MIT student Spencer N. Axani designed and built a muon detector. I had just read Luis Alvarez’s autobiography ‘Alvarez: Adventures of a Physicist‘. In it he describes how he and his colleagues ‘X-rayed’ the Second Pyramid of Chephren using muons. You can read […]

Mars Regolith Collection Rover

A team project for Engineering Design Process at UNSW. We had to design a prototype rover to collect Martian regolith for 3D printing radiation shelters like this. Our design is radio-controlled with 4WD, skid steer and a regolith capacity of 5 kg. Download our design report or watch the video below to learn more.

Fortifying Vermouth with Python

A few weeks ago I some friends were trying to make their own vermouth. They asked me for some help with the fortification calculations. I thought this was the perfect chance to involve Python. It’s a pretty simple project, but they found it very useful!


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Hi, I’m Dan. I study aerospace engineering in Sydney, Australia. Previously, I was an award winning sommelier. This page is to share my solutions to problems I find interesting in math, engineering and science. Please get in touch if you want to chat.